PreQuilt Is A Design Tool For Quilters

To get started, all you need is a modern browser and internet connection and you're ready go. You can use it on your laptop, desktop, smart phone, or tablet but we recommend using it on devices with larger screens like a desktop/laptop. Like most technology there is a small learning curve so we've created a video to show you the basics.

Triangle Grid

Use the triangle grid to create hexagons and other beautiful designs. Just like the rectangle grid you can create your own custom blocks to make unique designs. Go beyond the rectangle grid and see what you can come up with.


Look what PreQuilt can do! We've collaborated with talented designers to convert their designs to fun colour pages. Pick a pattern and add your own style to it.

Are you a Pattern Designer?

The PreQuilt Market Plan has been created as a way for quilt designers like you, to offer your customers the ability to visualize your design in their fabric choices prior to them making it.

Learn: Market Plan

Fabric Calculator

We've built a free calculator to help with the math. The calculator produces a helpful visualization to let you know how many yards you need.



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